Government Office Sets Up “Cat Library”

Cat lovers outside the U.S, get your visa and passport now! In Las Cruces, New Mexico, an office building had set up a “cat library,” yes, you are reading it right, a cat library where people can sign out kittens. Facilities like this should be established everywhere!

How did this bright idea come to fruition? Let’s ask the cat librarian, Becky Garcia who works as the receptionist at the Dona Ana County Office Building. According to Becky, in 2015 cats and kittens from a shelter are adopted and placed in a kitty playhouse located in the lobby. Employees are allowed to take the cats and interact with them during work hours.

This project has helped increase employee satisfaction. Isn’t that a win-win scenario for the cats and the building’s employees? After a year, more than 100 kittens and cats have been adopted. The shelter kitties reside in a huge playhouse, giving them the greater chance of founding foster or adoptive homes.

Since the kitty playhouse is in the lobby, it is next to impossible to pass by the area without admiring the kitties’ presence. Their meows are probably enticing to those who pass by the area.

One of the building’s employees adopted a slightly older kitty. Her son fell in love with a kitty during a ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day.’ The kitten is now part of a home where she found a doggie best friend.

Cat-friendly initiatives like this are also found outside the U.S. In Japan, the Ferray Corp. allowed the presence of cats in their offices to help employees unwind. Their initiative resulted in improved productivity. The cat populated workplace has reportedly lowered stress levels of employees.

Of course, there are annoyances associated with allowing cats roam around the workplace. But the Japanese company’s employees aren’t bothered by the cats one bit. Will you find yourself upset when you see a cute cat hanging out nearby your cubicle?

Government Office Sets Up Cat Library
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