Hairless Kitty Bath Too Cute

Watch these adorable Cornish Rex kittens enjoying their first bath time together after ten weeks of being born. Their first bath is an important rite of passage as they do not have enough fur to prevent their skin from dirt. In the video, the kittens seem to enjoy the water for a while and even brave the bubbles. But soon, they are scurrying to leave the sink to dry up.

Hygiene is important to all pets including cats which are naturally fastidious and can clean themselves. Bathing is imperative for cats to remove the odor that can cause an allergic reaction to humans due to the mold, dust or other allergens on their coat.

Cats are known for having aversion to water but in truth, not all cats feel the same about being splashed with water. Many cats are fascinated by water and enjoy the bathroom environment where they dip their paw into the water bowl. The sound of a dripping faucet or of a running shower attracts cats.

Bath time is rarely needed by cats because they do so much self-grooming. The first bath should be an introduction to bathing rather than a bath. Warm water and non-tearing shampoo are important for kittens that are taking their first bath.

Cat owners must bathe their pets once a week but some Cornish Rex cats require regular bathing due to their skin which produces oily secretions that make the coat look greasy. Cornish Rex cats must learn to tolerate bathing early. Their short, thin coat enables them to dry quickly. Cornish Rex cats find bathing as not an ordeal that stresses out other ordinary cats during the process.

Bathing should not focus on how you introduce it to the kitten. The most important thing is how to make it as a good experience to accomplish more than the washing itself.

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