Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat

This is an adorable video of Happiness the dog meeting his idol Grumpy Cat. Unfortunately, Grumpy would do everything to avoid Happiness. Their chase around the pet store is funny and endearing.

Cats and dogs don’t always get along right off the bat but there are several ways owners can do to help them adjust to living with each other. Getting them to be nice doesn’t happen overnight so it is important to have patience and understanding while going through the process.

1. Prepare your house – Cats are actually the ones that could potentially get more badly hurt in a physical confrontation, so create a safe space for them in order that they can truly get away from the dog if they need safety.

2. Consider their age – If they are still young, they have a better chance of getting along.

3. Know their background – Have they been socialized and had previous experience living with other animals? If yes then you’ll be more likely to succeed in running a peaceful multi-pet household.

4. Restrain – Keep the dog on a leash during the first meeting. Interspecies meetings might not be drama free and restraining your dog is a necessary precaution.

5. Observe – Watch out for any signs of aggression and quickly separate them before a fight breaks out.

Happiness Finds Grumpy Catimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc5PgtdcUBU

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