Hiroshi Wants To Sleep

The video is about Hiroshi, a Japanese tabby cat who is getting cozy and cuddly with his owner. It’s bonding time for Hiroshi and his owner who finds the cat so cute that he cannot be angry with him. According to Hiroshi’s owner, the cat loves exploring the house and doing all kinds of cute things. In the video, Hiroshi attempts to doze off as he cuddles with his owner.

The purring machine is just being a sweetheart to his owner before he journeys to the land of dreams where cat toys are abound and where he can eat anything that fancies him TWICE!

Why do some cats prefer to sleep with their owners? There are several reasons to this behavior. Cats want to experience warmth from their owners and to feel comfortable before they hit the sack. Cats are known for sensing the hormonal scents which also make them at ease with their owners.

There is no available scientific paper to prove anything to that behavior. But cats like to sleep with their owners for warmth, love, affection, security, and companionship. Cats feel protected whenever they are near their human companions. In the eyes of cats, their owners are their Supermen, Batmen, Wonderwomen, and Ironmen!

The warmth element is seen mostly in older cats. Cats show their love by sleeping with their owners. They are at their most vulnerable during sleep so choosing to sleep with the owner shows their trust to them.

The social behavior of cat enables them to bond with their owners. This allows them to bond with each other. Cats and their owners do not spend the whole day together. Bedtime is one opportunity for them to communicate, sort of.

Bonding is an emotional aspect of having a pet such as cat. Sleeping with humans is closely associated with emotional safety.

Hiroshi Wants To Sleep
image – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF8z8RKA-sE

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