How Adorable Is This Russian Blue Cat Luna?

What cat is the right one for you? Is it a British Shorthair? A Ragamuffin cat? A Persian? Or Japanese Bobtail? How about a Russian Blue, such as the cat which is featured in this video?

You might find yourself asking again, why would I go for a Russian Blue kitten as a pet? Let’s outline the reasons why a Russian Blue cat is ideal for your home.

This breed prides itself on having one of the most beautiful pair of eyes in catlandia! Russian Blue’s eye color transitions as the cat ages. The eyes are yellow while they are kittens, then metamorphoses into blue by five months, and eventually settles to vivid green.

The cat’s blue-silver coat is another distinct feature that entices pet lovers. Paired that coat with the cat’s greenish round eyes which are slanted to the corner, you will have a feline companion that is loved by many for its sweet expression and gentle temperament.

Russian Blues’ smile is often compared to that of the famous painting Mona Lisa. They may look enigmatic and reserved at a first glance, but Russian Blues have traits that are similar to ordinary cats such as being playful and they love to chase after objects.

What makes Russian Blues adorable is their love of human companion. They are very sympathetic toward their owners but prefer one human above all others in the family. Though they play favorites, Russian Blues like children and can get along with most everyone.

Please be reminded that these cats love food! They can be voracious eaters so please watch their diet!

How Adorable Is This Russian Blue Cat Luna
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