How To Build A Medium-Sized Cat Tree With 2 Beds And A Tunnel

This video provides step by step instructions on how to make your own medium sized cat tree with two beds and a tunnel! Cat trees are easy to find at local pet stores or at online shops and the prices for them vary depending on the design. Some of them are not very sturdy though and wobbly cat trees are a huge waste of money. When you make your own, you are sure of the quality; plus the materials needed for this project are not too pricey. You are sure to get your money’s worth! The directions in the video are easily to follow; even beginners can take on this project.

For cats, scratching is in their nature. They scratch to condition their claws, mark their territory and because it’s an effective way to stretch their back muscles. They don’t destroy furniture just because they feel like being mean. That’s why owners should provide a scratching post to meet their needs without them destroying the couch. Placing the cat tree in the right location is also important; even the best cat tree can gather dust if it is placed too far from where your cat likes to hang out.

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