How To Care For Senior Cats

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Cats living for 15 to 18 years have become a common scenario today, especially those nurtured indoors. On the other hand, wild cats live for approximately 6 years only! This could be attributed to the massive development in animal health care available today.

From mere pets, many owners today consider cats as equals to their family members. From the time of conception to their senior years, many felines are privileged to receive the comforts and care which significantly help in lengthening their life spans. The modern advances in the world of veterinary medicine have played a crucial role in improving pet nutrition, as well as in early prevention and treatment of diseases. [1]

Throughout their lives, felines need regular physical and behavioral examinations in order to sustain the quality of health they possess since they were young. As cats get older, more and more symptoms associated with the natural process of aging, or diseases tend to occur. These signs and symptoms normally include weight loss, coughing, weakness, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, rapid breathing, presence of lumps, increased thirst, frequent urination, and change in bowel movement which can either be constipation or diarrhea. [2]

With regards behavioral changes, senior cats tend to be sedentary, and less energetic. Routine, diet and activity also change, at least slowly. According to research, these changes are normally triggered by muscular weakness, and some physical ailments. [3]

Some of the most common diseases on senior cats include upper respiratory infections, gingivitis, worms, urinary tract conditions, as well as kidney and renal illness. [4]

The annual geriatric checkup normally includes complete blood count (CBC), stool analysis, urinalysis, blood chemistry, and of course, physical and dental examinations. By so doing, early detection of diseases is achieved, thus treatment and prevention are administered earlier.

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How To Care For Senior Cats
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