How To Choose The Best Food For Your Cat

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Choosing foods for our feline friend is a critical measure, not only because they are quite picky but also because their body has its own demand. Cats are carnivores in nature, which means that their body structure demands high protein in their diet. Protein is composed of one or more long chains of amino acids and is essential in structural components of body tissues of all living organisms such as muscle, hair (our cat’s personal coat), collagen, enzymes and antibodies (that help fight infection).

According to, you will reach the right diet for your cat through combination of research and consultation with your veterinarian. In addition to this knowledge, we found a very useful article that will help us choose the best food for our cats.

Do you know that there are three major categories for our pet’s food? According to Dr. Forster and Smith Educational Staff, this includes: “grocery store” foods, premium foods, and healthy foods. Among the three, it is considerably more convenient for pet-owners to just grab some bags of pet foods from the grocery stores but they are typically made to be “more economical” – and despite the glossy packaging, may contain lower-quality, less-digestible, and inexpensive ingredients or even controversial additives. Thus they may not provide our furry friend with the ultimate in nutrition. Premium foods, on the other hand, have higher nutrient content; but the category of Healthy foods are prepared without compromise and provide our pets with the highest quality of pet food.

Can you believe that our cats have their own individual preferences too? What should we expect from Health foods? Should they be natural or artificial? Where should the protein come from? What about the fiber? What should be its source? Where can we find Healthy cat foods?

There are also other factors that we need to consider in selecting the proper food for our cats. They include the cat’s age/life stage, the body condition, health history or any past diseases, and (of course) our budget. The healthier the food, the better the quality, the higher the price to pay.

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How To Choose The Best Food For Your Cat
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