How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

How To Help Your Cat Lose WeightPhoto © Otmar Smit –

Though not as common as it is in dogs, obesity also affects cats. According to studies, around 35% of the cats sent to veterinary clinics are actually overweight! This makes obesity one of the leading nutritional disorders in cats. Just like in dogs and humans, obesity and being overweight also imposes a number of health risks to felines.

Obesity or being overweight in cats is actually triggered by a number of factors which may include excessive intake of high carbohydrate diet, intake of low-protein diet, free-feeding of dry food, hypothyroidism, and inadequate exercise. [1]

It is a common knowledge that higher than normal weight increases one’s susceptibility to various serious diseases. This correlates to animal health as well as human health. In cats, it can trigger the onset of conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and hepatic lipidosis. It can also affect the circulatory system and the heart, which may only lead to serious cardiovascular and circulatory disorders.

With the addition on weight, the burden on the joints carrying extra weight becomes arthritis. This hinders the cat from running around, moving, and jumping. In effect, they become more sedentary which can only worsen their condition due to minimal burning of calories.

As cat owners, you can do something to help your cat reduce weight. Some of the basic measures you can do to help prevent obesity and being overweight may include giving them proper and adequate diet, and sufficient exercise.

Instead of giving your cats dry foods which are known to contain high carbohydrates, feed them with a high-protein diet. Instead of allowing them to munch on and endless, free flowing supply of food, there must have a specific schedule for their mealtimes. Stimulating them to engage into physical activities and exercise will also help in trimming down their weight level. [2]

Other dangers of obesity include impaired breathing functions, skin problems, heat stress, reduced reproductive efficiency, diabetes mellitus, enhanced surgical risks, digestive disturbances, and of course, reduced lifespan. [3]

Obesity and fatness in cats are no longer considered as cute and adorable today. Before your cat suffer from more serious health complications, help them achieve a desirable and optimum weight level. Visit this site to discover more information on how you can help your cat reduce weight.



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How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight
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