How To Litter Box Train Your Cat

There are some cats who are resistant to litter boxes and if your kitty is one of those cats, this video will help. Whether you are training a recently adopted cat to use the litter box or retraining your old cat, here are some additional tips to get you (and your cat!) on the right path:

1. Choose the right litter box – A common cause of improper elimination in cats is that their litter box is too small for them. When choosing a litter box, choose one that is bigger than your cat.

2. Know your cat’s “bathroom schedule” – Learning your cat’s schedule will help you determine when he is going to relieve himself and this will make it easier for you to direct him to the litter box instead of the sofa…

3. Teach your cat what to do – Kittens learn how to use the box from their mothers but if your cat’s mother is not present, you need to show him how it is done properly. And no, you don’t have to use the box yourself. 😀 This step was demonstrated in the video. No, not the cat owner using the box!

4. Maintain the litter box – Most cats avoid using the litter box because it is dirty. Make sure to clean it regularly so your cat won’t prefer your nice clean carpet.

5. Move the food and water – If your cat still continues to relieve himself out of the box, move his food and water to the problem area. Cats avoid excreting waste around food and this may give a stubborn cat the needed push to use the litter box.

6. Never yell – Cats never respond well to reprimands. This will just stress him out and make him afraid of you.

7. Consult the vet if your cat has diarrhea or incontinence.

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How to Litter Box Train Your Cat
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