How To Make 5 DIY Cat Toys From Toilet Paper Tubes

How To Make 5 DIY Cat Toys From Toilet Paper TubesPhoto © Lana Langlois –

Some bouts of chasing, two or more rounds of jumping, and some more pouncing? Well, no cat can ever resist an enthusiastic play! With that amount of innate playfulness and interest in whatever “prey-like” is moving, they can actually spend an hour stalking laser patterns, pawing dangled scrunched-up paper, or chasing a mouse toy.

The majority of cat owners would agree that it’s just as important to provide opportunities for play, as is for rest and nap. A lack in activity or exercise – or, in general, cat play – leaves a cat bored to distraction, and often, this comes at a nasty price of a mess of torn-up toilet paper on the bathroom floor, unsightly scratches on a furniture, or destroyed and frayed shoelaces from your kid’s new pair of shoes. But more than the superficial concerns, games and play for cats are far beyond just for fun and entertainment. They keep the cats’ cognitive and motor skills in tip-top shape and their hunting instinct sharp at best.

So should you rush to a pet store now and buy a pile of new cat toys? Well, not necessarily. In fact, you can just roam around your house and seek some handy materials to make a customized and safe toy for your kitten. In truth, you can create the fun and excitement for your cats without shelling out from your wallet just to ensure your feline pal’s happiness. It only takes an imaginative mind to find means to stimulate your cat’s mind and put his senses and muscles into work.

Remember too that some toys are a no-no for cats as they pose potential dangers. Strings, for instance, can be chewed and swallowed by an overexcited and curious cat.

So here’s a creative idea from for all cat owners – use empty toilet paper rolls to create cat toys! Check out how:

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How To Make 5 DIY Cat Toys From Toilet Paper Tubes
Graphic – Image © Lana LangLois – (under license)

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