How To Make Popsicles For Cats

The video demonstrates how to make popsicles (catsicles?) that your cat will definitely find delicious. All you need is a can of tuna and a bit of water; put those in a blender and mix. When that’s done, pour into an ice tray and freeze. Easy!

There is also another way of making frozen treats if you’re not into blending. Just mix cat food and your pet’s favorite treats in a bowl, put the mixture into plastic cups and freeze. That’s it! Your cats now have treats that are not only delicious, but are also effective in keeping her cool during hot weather. Make sure to use “tuna in water” and stay away from salt and oil.

Cats don’t sweat so it is very difficult for them to keep cool when the temperature starts to rise. Cats that become overheated during summer can suffer from dehydration or heat stroke – which is why as a responsible owner, it is your duty to make sure that those accidents doesn’t happen to your beloved kitty. Make sure your cat has constant access to clean drinking water and try to keep your cat indoors during the hottest part of summer days which is between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.

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How To Make Popsicles For Cats
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