How To Make The Best $5 DIY Cat Litter Box

This video teaches you how to can make an effective litterbox spending only $5. This is a perfect project to help anyone who is having a problem with their cat’s litter spread all over the house. The best thing about this is you don’t have to spend fortune!

Cats are notorious in making a mess out of their litter boxes and clean ups are usually a pain. Litter boxes will never be squeaky clean but here are some tips to keep it neat and odor-free:

1. Scoop it out daily – The longer your cat’s feces and urine sit there, the stinkier it gets so waste no time in cleaning it up. Scoop those wastes out more than once a day if needed.

2. Replace the litter twice a week – Even if you scoop daily, you are still bound to miss some. To combat this, dump out the litter and wash the box with warm water twice a week. Avoid using harsh cleaning products like bleach and pine or citrus detergents. This will leave a scent on the box which cats don’t like.

3. Sprinkle baking soda – Adding a thin layer of baking soda before adding the litter keeps the odor under control between cleanings. Baking soda is odorless and it does not repel cats like most fresheners do.

4. Use more than one – Ideally, one cat requires two litter boxes to prevent an overload.

5. Location is everything – Place the box where your cat feels most comfortable and avoid areas that are too loud or tight. Also, don’t place the litter boxes too close to each other. Spreading them out in different areas of your house is ideal.

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