How To Pet Your Cat Properly

Petting cats may sound super easy – but it is also important to know the do’s and don’ts in approaching and touching them. Knowing where to touch and where to stay away helps ensure that both cat and owner will enjoy this bonding. The video will help you get started in knowing all the rules in handling your kitty. Here are some additional tips:

1. Find the right timing – Take note of your cat’s routine. The best time for cuddling is when your cat is resting or when he is actively seeking affection – not when he is playing or when he’s being aggressive.

2. Ask permission – Never restrain your cat physically or force to touch him. If the cat withdraws from touch, don’t push. If you are uncertain – extend a hand or finger and allow the cat to touch his nose to you. When he bumps his head to your hand or rubs against you, that means he wants attention.

3. Take it slow – The slower the touch, the more your cat will respond. Don’t make sudden, surprising movements.

4. Stop when it’s the right time – When your cat decides that he is done cuddling, let him go. Never force him to do things that he doesn’t like. This will just weaken your bond.

5. Talk to your cat in a soothing voice. Animals respond to voice tone.

6. Repeat – Experts advise that owners should dedicate four minutes a day in massaging and petting their cats. Your cat will come to expect it and will look forward to share those special moments with you.

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How To Pet Your Cat Properly
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