How To Teach A Cat To Lie Down And Roll Over On Command

This video demonstrates an easy way to teach your cat to lie down and roll over on command. The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and you will have your cat doing this trick in no time!

Many people think that cats can’t be trained but this is not true. Cats tend to do things in their own time and each one reacts differently to training. The first (and most important) step in training cats is to understand their nature. You need to understand that they aren’t as naturally inclined to work for praise and attention as dogs. Plus they are hard to motivate so you just have to be extra patient with them.

Start training when your cat is in a good mood because he or she will be more receptive to learning. Find a treat that your cat loves – to give as rewards for getting it right. Fresh chicken diced in tiny cubes, bits of tuna and commercial cat treats are good choices. Cats respond very poorly to punishment; punishment leads to stress and stress can lead to behavioral problems. They need a couple of days to perfectly master the trick so remember to practice daily.

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How To Teach A Cat To Lie Down And Roll Over On Command
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