How To Trim Your Cat’s Claws

How To Trim Your Cat's ClawsPhoto © Antonio Gravante –

If a cat’s claws are left completely untrimmed, they can be very sharp, as we all know from those moments when kitty decides to dig her claws into your lap “just because” you are her special human. Thanks, kitty.

Of course, if the cat is out in the wild, then the sharp claws assist with hunting – and a cat will keep them ‘filed’ by scratching against things – hence the instinct to do so.

However if your cat is not really a hunter and more of a domestic cat, then trimming the claws will assist with minimizing both furniture and lap damage!

One thing that needs careful observation is the dew claw. This is equivalent in a way to the human thumb, being set further back. However, because of the dew claw’s positioning, it does not get filed away by scratching in the same way as the others, and it is possible for it to grow ‘full circle’, coming back around to injure the foot. So the dew claw is worth paying special attention to.

We discovered an awesome page that goes into great detail on how to clip your cat’s claws. The page also has lots of pics and even a description of the various types of nail clippers and their respective advantages. It’s even possible to use a “human” nail clipper but I have found that those things don’t do the cleanest job on my nails.

The page gives a really nice close-up of a claw, showing the exact position to make the clip. This is important, as you must not cut into the quick (the living part of the claw) as this will hurt the cat.

Ok, here is the full article describing How To Trim Your Cats Claws:

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How To Trim Your Cats Claws
Graphic – Image © Antonio Gravante – (under license), Pixabay (PD)

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