Hungry Cats Meowing For Food

There are many things that contribute towards keeping your cat happy but the most important of all is their diet. An unhealthy kitty will never be a happy one that’s why providing her with a balanced diet should be your top priority.

Cats are carnivores – which means they are especially adapted to a diet only consisting of flesh from other creatures. However, because of domestication they are fed grains, vegetables and highly processed foods that are not what they are built to eat. No wonder lots of cats suffer from diet-related illnesses.

Did you know that cats have no dietary requirement for carbohydrates? That means feeding her with carbohydrate-rich foods will offer her no nutrition whatsoever. Protein is the most important component of a cat’s diet so try to give her as much of it as you can. Also, it is very important to give your cat constant access to clean drinking water. Without water, cats can become severely ill within hours.

Cats typically eat several small meals per day so try to split their needed daily intake into portions. If you notice a change in your cat’s eating or drinking habits, consult the vet immediately because this may be as sign of illness.

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