Hungry Street Cat Eating And Making Funny Noises At The Same Time

The cat in this video probably had had a very tough life. Your heart will ache for this stray cat which is being fed by the man who took the video. According to him, he found the cat outside their building and gave him some food. As the cat munches on his food, you’ll hear a noisy sound from him. He must not have a decent meal for a long time.

This cat was most likely abandoned by his previous owner. You will notice how much hungry the cat was, based on his fur which is in bad shape. Thank God there is a Good Samaritan who helped the scruffy cat. It was nice of him to feed him and provide a temporary respite for this poor cat.

The “growling” noise being made by the cat is just heartbreaking. He is meowing because he is too starved. Let’s hope that someone took him after meeting that Good Samaritan.
Though the man who fed the stray cat did not take him, he did a good thing by feeding it. That is awesome and has restored our faith in humans. You will probably wish you were there so you could take care of him.

American comedian Charlie Chaplin once said, “Feed a hungry animal to feed your soul.” You must look after the welfare of your pets once you have adopted them. Abandoning them is like sending your children for adoption or not providing your kids with their basic needs.

It is a sad reality that millions of animals will find themselves in a situation that the cat in the video had been into. While some will get help from foster facilities, others will be left roaming the street with no food to eat and place to live. You will feel so bad for the cat but if you want to lessen the number of stray cats, please love your animals, provide them with utmost care, and treat them as part of the family.

Hungry Street Cat Eating And Making Funny Noises At The Same Time
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