Japanese Bobtail Kitty Is Rolling On The Floor

Hello cat lovers! Please meet Manju – a Japanese Bobtail kitty who tries to get the attention of his owner by rolling around on his back on the floor. In the video, Manju rubs his coat on the carpeted floor while performing some twisting gyrations. There are times when he would clean his paws. Manju’s meows sound like a baby cooing for the attention of his mother. This video will definitely bring out the parent in you!

You will probably ask why cats perform some minor gymnastic skills while rolling on a surface. There are several explanations for that behavior. Cats do this shimmy as a way to remove itchiness on their back. Rolling is also their way of doing a good stretch. It can also be a way of inviting play just like what Manju is doing in the video. Manu’s attempt to get the attention of his owner is basically his way of saying, “Daddy, can you throw my favorite toy mouse down the hall?”

Cats’ rolling act depicts passive submission to their owners. It is a display of trust and comfort of being around them. It is also an expression of the delight they feel when lounging around their owners. When cats are comfortable with their owners, there is a healthy and positive relationship between them.

Owners must acknowledge the rolling behavior of their pets. By giving them attention, a positive reinforcement of behavior is accorded. Dogs do roll over when they are asking for a tummy rub. That is not always the case for cats. Though rolling is a comforting kitty ritual, please do not assume that they are asking for a little massage. When your cats are on their back, be careful before touching them. An attempt to rub their belly may end up to a scratch from their claws.

Japanese Bobtail kitty is rolling on the floor image – https://www.youtube.com/embed/BvYI0wNkxdg

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