How To Keep Your Cat Cool In Summer

Humans sweat to reduce their body temperature but cats aren’t built the same. For them to cool down, they pant and lick their fur – which is not always sufficient. Because of this, cats can overheat easily which is why they need all the help they can get in keeping their body temperature down when it gets hot. Cats need constant access to shaded areas and cool water or hyperthermia (heat stroke) will quickly set in. Hyperthermia can cause serious organ damage, coma or even death.

As your cat’s body temperature begins to rise, watch out for the signs of heat exhaustion such as rapid pulse and breathing, vomiting, redness of the tongue and mouth, lethargy and staggering gait. If you see such symptoms (or if your cat’s rectal temperature is over 105¼F, assuming you are willing and knowledgeable to check it), bring him to the vet immediately.

Here are some thing you can do to bring your cat’s body temperature down:

1. Take him to a cooler location.

2. Wrap him in cool, wet towels or immerse him in cool (not cold) water.

3. Apply ice packs to his head and between the legs.

4. Turn on your fan or air conditioning.

5. Give him lots of cool water to drink.

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How To Keep Your Cat Cool In Summer
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