Kitten Addicted To Hamster Ball

For these kittens, the hamster ball is the best toy ever! Watch them battle over who gets in the ball first – these babies are so entertaining to watch.

Kittens are very energetic and they always want to play. Toys and regular playtime are part of giving your cats a stimulating environment for them to be healthy and happy. During playtime, they are also able to satisfy their instinctual hunting drive.

However, finding the best toy for your cats can be difficult. There are tons of cat toys out there which are of course claimed to be the best and promise to keep your feline friends entertained for hours. But it is important to know that not all toys appeal to cats. When introducing toys to your cat, introduce them one at a time. Try different colors and textures and observe which of the toys your cat likes best. Once you figure out the type of toys your cat prefer, you can now buy different sizes and styles of those toys.

Generally, cats enjoy plastic balls, sisal-wrapped toys (which they can dig their claws into) and fishing pole toys. The best toys are often the interactive ones because cats need to bond with their humans as well.

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