Kitten American Curl Manolito

Meet Manolito – an adorable American Curl kitten who has a playful personality and who loves to play with his owner. Just like other ordinary kittens, Manolito spends his day sleeping or meowing for food. According to his owner, Manolito’s name was inspired by his huge paws which have remained big now that he is two years old.

American Curl kittens are considered as the Peter Pan of the feline world due to their playfulness which they retain throughout their whole life. They are popular for having cute little curling ears that make them easily lovable. If you are considering a cat breed and bringing it home as a pet, American Curl should be on the top of your list. American curl kittens are affectionate with family. They are also friendly to kids and are easy to groom. For cat lovers, American Curl kittens are furry angels.

Manolito’s loving personality toward his owner is a testament to American Curl kittens’ dog-like characteristic of being attentive to their owners. Manolito makes little trill-like cooing sounds which are expression of his curiosity and intelligence.

If you have other pets at home, introducing an American Curl kitten won’t cause a ruckus. This cat breed can adjust easily to other pets and new situations . American Curl kitten can also be an affectionate soulmate to fellow pets and humans. The probability of tensions with fellow pets is almost next to none!

American Curl kittens have this natural behavior of scratching. Would-be owners are advised to provide acceptable surfaces such as scratching posts. American Curl kittens should be kept as an indoor-only cat to protect them from diseases and infections, aggressions by other animals such stray dogs, and the danger of being hit by vehicles.
They like children, a personality that is not always the case for cats. Their alertness and adaptability suit to any home or family who is animal lovers.

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