Kitten Attack!

This is a cute video of Elvie, a 10-week old rescue kitten… attacking the camera. Elvie has a habit of attacking whatever her owner was holding and so she thought she should record her kitten in the act. Elvie was looking at the camera very curiously and suddenly attacked! She is so adorable!

A kitten’s first playmates are her littermates and this is the time she learns how to inhibit her bite. When she bites too hard, the mother steps in and corrects this behavior. But if a kitten was separated too early from her family, there is a higher chance that she is going to play rough. If you are having this problem with your kitten, take the following advice:

1. Use a toy when playing with her and never let your kitten play with your hands or feet. You will avoid a lot of scratches this way.

2. Give your kitten the right kind of toys. Some beneficial ones are those with a fishing pole design so there is a safe distance between your hand and your kitten’s teeth.

3. If she bites you, immediately stop all action and be still. This will confuse her and she will eventually loosen her grip. Only resume playing when she is already calm and relaxed.

4. Never yell at her, push her away or hit her when she bites. This will only result to long-term negative effects on your relationship because cats often don’t understand what they did wrong even when it seems obvious to us. She will become fearful and avoid any interaction with you.

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