Kitten Bun Bun’s Funny Reactions To Camera

Kittens are naturally curious about everything that is new to their eyes. Take the case of Bun Bun, a five-week-old Exotic Shorthairr, who barks like a puppy and attempts to move away when a camera is pointed at him. You will surely start crying seeing this little angel who sounds like he is trying to bark like a dog. This fluffy kitten is as cute as a button, displaying little antics such as jumping around and doing a slide dance.

Exotic Shorthairs are known for their teddy bear looks and are considered as shorthaired version of the Persian breed. Their shared characteristics include sweetness and submissiveness. Some affectionate breeds demand for their owners’ attention but the Exotic Shorthairs are exceptionally quiet and hardly use their meow. With Bun Bun, he prefers to yelp than to make purring sounds.

The Exotic is exceptionally round and has a thick neck. Their teddy bear appearance makes them look much like a plush animal or a stuffed toy. Garfield, the animated fat cat, is reportedly inspired by the Exotic Shorthair.

Bun Bun is an epitome of sweetness as seen in the video. Exotic Shorthairs can be a peaceful and loyal companion to pet owners. There are times when they would just spend their time in front of you with an irresistible look that will melt your heart. Their endearing nature makes them one of the most affectionate cat breeds.

Exotic Shorthairs’ facial structure makes them prone to a number of potential health problems such as breathing difficulty, heat sensitivity, and excessive tearing. It is recommended to keep Exotic Shorthairs indoor. A monthly bath is important as well as weekly brushing of teeth.

If you want to have a cat pet like Bun Bun, lots of love is a must. Exotic Shorthairs like Bun Bun can surely reciprocate the love many times over.

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  • By Adelle, July 17, 2017 @ 12:02 pm

    This is so cute and funny 😂 at the same time and it is not good when a cat is maybe scared 😳 of a camera 🎥 and I think that the person should not do that anymore

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