Kitten Crashes TV Reporter Nima Shaffe’s Live Shot

In June 2016, a stray Kitten named Lucky Seven stole the hearts of the viewers of WKYZ Action News, which is Detroit, Michigan’s breaking news and weather leader. While WXYZ reporter Nima Shaffe was doing a live report, the adorable kitten crashes the crew and became the news itself. What a meowing breaking news!

Shaffe is obviously a cat lover. He immediately informed the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Office and the Huron Valley Humane Society and took care of Lucky Seven while waiting for the authorities to pick the kitten. That is so kind of you, Sir!

It is normal for stray cats to run away from humans but owners should keep their pets secure especially when cats are left alone in the house. Kittens have this tendency to gladly approach humans. Their innocence and natural curiosity might turn up against them. So make sure your doors, windows, and other possible exits are closed before leaving your cats inside the house.

So what then happened to Lucky Seven after that unexpected interruption of Nima’s live reportage? According to Tanya Hilgendorf, president of the Humane Society of Huron Valley, a foster home had adopted Lucky Seven who became a viral sensation.

Hilgendorf acknowledged the kindness and compassion accorded by Nima and Channel 7 Action News to the kitten. She was also surprised by how Lucky Seven kept herself safe before she was rescued by Nima’s team. She says that little effort is needed to save homeless animals.

What should you do if you happen to stumble along stray kittens?

First, you need to determine if the kittens are really on their own. Observe and watch. If their mother did not appear, bring them food and water and provide a temporary shelter.

Second, if you if you have decided to adopt the kittens, bring them to a veterinarian to check their health condition.

Third, if you want to get the kittens adopted, ask for assistance from foster facilities or animal societies. Your willingness to spend time and legwork for the adoption of the kittens will eventually result to them finding a home where they will receive tender loving care from a pet-friendly family.

Kitten Crashes TV Reporter Nima Shaffe's Live Shot
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