Kitten With Twisted Arms And Legs Refuses To Give Up On Life

This is the heartwarming story of Pretzel, a kitten with twisted arms and legs who refused to give up on life. Pretzel, along with her two siblings were born with genetic abnormalities and were immediately dumped at a local shelter. They were still covered in amniotic fluid and their umbilical cords were still attached. It is safe to conclude that they were thrown away because they looked deformed and someone wanted a ‘perfect’ cat. But the people at the shelter thought they deserved a chance to live so they nourished the kittens as best as they could. Sadly, one didn’t make it through the night and after a couple of months the other died due to a heart attack.

Pretzel was the only survivor among her siblings. According to the people around her, her will to live was strong. Her personality was not different from any other cat and did not care that her legs were useless. She might not even know that she was handicapped – for her crawling was just her way of life. Now, Pretzel has found a forever home and a loving owner who thinks she’s flawless. Pretzel is indeed beautiful inside and out.

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