Kittens Hugging – Epic Cuteness

This video features two Abyssinian kittens hugging each other after playtime. At eight weeks, they are full of energy and never seem to stop playing!

If you are considering getting a kitten, it is advised to get it a sibling. Kitten-to-kitten interactions are valuable educational opportunities to develop their social skills. They will learn how to communicate, how hard to bite during playtime, how to use the litterbox and how to share territory from their siblings.

Cats learn from observation, so a pair of kittens will help each other learn how to stalk, play, climb, use their claws etc. The companionship between two kittens will also help prevent any behavioral problems from developing. The bond between two cats who grew up together will surely be very strong and special.

Taking care of two cats is obviously more expensive compared to taking care of one. But in the end, you can end up spending less because two cats are likely to be healthier than a lone cat would be. Each cat will have more opportunities for exercise so feline obesity is highly unlikely. If the kittens are of different sexes, have them spayed and neutered as soon as possible.

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