Learn All About Color Changes In Your Cat’s Skin And Coat

Learn All About Color Changes In Your Cat's Skin And CoatImage © fotografiche.eu – Fotolia.com

Changes of skin and coat color are surprisingly common in cats. Nonetheless, when it happens, some pet owners are surprised and possibly alarmed. The texture and color of the cat’s fur are among the factors which make them adorable and attractive. So when the color of the skin or the coat changes, it can either be amazing or distressing. But why does the change of cat’s coat and skin color actually happen?

Researchers have found various reasons on why this phenomenon occurs. Age may be one of the factors that triggers color change. Like humans, cats tend to have gray hairs as they get older. On the other hand, some Oriental breeds like the Siamese tend to have hairs that get darker and darker as they continue to age. [1]

Too much exposure to the sun may also affect the color quality of your cat’s fur and skin. It is claimed that over exposure to the sun may lighten or bleach the color of your cat’s skin and coat. On the other hand, changes in temperature may also be a factor for the occurrence of this phenomenon. It is said that the fur tends to lighten when the cat’s skin is warm, and tends to darken when its cool. [2]

If you noticed that your black-furred cat is turning into a reddish-brown feline, then it could be that nutrition has something to do with it. Research shows that cats which are not getting enough amino acid tyrosine in a regular basis may actually experience a change in color of their coats and furs, from black to reddish. Tyrosine is a pre-cursor in the production of melanin which is actually the dark pigment in the cat’s fur. Therefore, insufficient intake of tyrosine may result to the lightening of a cat’s ebony fur. The bleaching or lightening of fur may also be triggered by inadequate copper levels or excessive intake of zinc.

Some of these causes may not be alarming yet, but when the change is triggered by an illness, it can be distressing. Change in the color of the fur, coat and the skin of the cat may be caused by a variety of illness which may include Cushing’s disease, jaundice, inflammation, tumor, cysts and hormonal imbalances.

If you want to know more detailed information on the various illnesses which could have possibly triggered the change in color of your cat’s skin, and coat, visit this website http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=1+2141&aid=205. It offers much valuable information which may help you better understand the changes that your cat is currently experiencing.

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Learn All About Color Changes in Your Cat's Skin and Coat
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