Manx Charlie And His Tail Learn To Fit In

This is a very adorable video of Charlie a Manx kitten and his problem in fitting in. Unlike his tail-less siblings, Charlie sports a long bushy tail making him feel self-conscious and odd. That’s why he sought the friendship of Buddy, an older Siamese cat thinking that they would get along since both of them had tails. Charlie was very wrong. They were nothing alike and Buddy refused to play with the kitten because he preferred taking naps instead. Charlie eventually went back to playing with his siblings and realized that his tail made everybody want to play with him! At the end of the video Charlie was able to grasp an important life lesson – you don’t have to perfectly fit the mold in order to be accepted.

Manx cats are medium-sized cats which are stocky and heavily boned. They have thick and dense double coats giving them a glamorous appeal. They are known to be sweet and never seem to get upset about anything! They are social cats who gets very attached to their humans but also tend to be shy around strangers. Manx cats also have a placid nature but despite that, they absolutely love to run and play.

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