Munchkin Cat Playing With Her Mistress

Before seeing this video, please prepare an oxygen tank or a respirator. This video features a Munchkin cat that will make you gasp with pure happiness. If cuteness is lethal, avoid watching this video! Kidding aside, have you seen anything cuter than a Munchkin?

There are several reasons why you must consider Munchkin in your home. Munchkins are
gorgeous cats that can make any cat person say “ooh” and “aah.” Their most recognizable feature is their short and tubby legs. Their dwarfed appearance is not a hindrance to their physical abilities such as running and leaping. These cats are full of fun, energetic, and playful.

Munchkins are ideal as family cats. They are willing to play with kids and other animals such as friendly dogs. Don’t be fooled by their short legs. Their energy will not preclude them from jumping on furniture. They can move and hop despite their short legs. If Munchkins are dogs, they are probably dachshunds due to their height.

It is not difficult to fall in love with Munchkin cats. They love to snuggle into your lap and nag until they get your attention and are petted. Their love for shiny things earned them the title as magpies. They have this tendency to stow shiny things away for a later date, so start hiding now your valuable tools before a Munchkin invade your house!

Munchkins are known for being intelligent cats. They can be taught with different tricks. Just don’t forget to reward them with treats when they learn to manipulate those tricks. Just like other felines, munchkins are highly inquisitive.

The cats’ size and weight are important factors to maintaining their overall health. Munchkins should not be overfed to control their weight. As a pet owner, you have an important role in the nutrition and diet of their cats.

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  • By mary champlin, October 7, 2018 @ 10:59 pm

    I am on oxygen 24/7 am able to go for a walk but most days are spent in the house. Have been wanting a Munchkin but then saw the price. Am trying to save but it is difficult. Do you know if Munchkin are ever fostered, would love to do that. Please keep posting these lovely pictures I so enjoy them. Sincerely Mary

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