Munchkin Land Too Cute

You have been warned! This video is going to kill you with cuteness. You may not be able to handle it. If you will dislike this video, you have no life, soul, humanity, and no personality!

Who would dislike a video which features six Munchkin kittens that are squirming around on the floor? They are like caterpillars with ears and tails!

These three-week-old Munchkins have very short legs and are almost not even walking. One of them is Stretch who attempts to befriend his sibling Nugget. But the latter in his thug mode and decides to wander away from the litter.

Kittens can develop different personalities despite being raised under one roof by the same people. Though kittens are usually friendly to their fellow cats, some can be bossy. These domineering kittens always step on his siblings and prefer being away from the maddening crowd. That personality is very evident in Nugget who pushes away the timid Stretch.

Owners play an important role in the development of the traits and personalities of their kittens that are focused on good “people skills.” You have to provide them with social and object play to increase their physical coordination, social skills and learning limits.
Kittens are naturally inquisitive and love to explore their surroundings. Their receptiveness to new experiences and lessons can be explored by their owners to develop appropriate social interactions.

Nugget’s bossy attitude can be addressed early on. This behavior can continue as the cat matures so early intervention is a must! Look out for one adorable characteristic that a bossy kitten can exhibit. Give your cat a treat as a reward whenever he exhibits that adorable trait. Cats are also like humans. They probably have mood swings too!

It is not guaranteed for littermates to always get along but squabbles among them will eventually die away as they mature.

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