My Angora Cat Loves To Bath Herself

Cats can be fascinated with strange things. They are curious, inquisitive and have the instinct to discover new things. This video presents an Angora cat who is playing with water that is dripping down from a kitchen tub faucet. He is also seen drinking from the faucet. Funny how cats can secretly like water!

There are cat breeds that like water and cats that do not. Bengal and the Turkish Van are some of the domestic cat breeds that are known for liking water. Their fondness for water is attributed to the areas where they evolved. Those who dislike water are mostly from areas where the climate is usually cold while cat breeds that love water are mostly from tropical countries such as India and Turkey.

There is a popular misconception that cats do not enjoy spending time in the water. Most cats are naturally curious to water and have their inner Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe. In Peru, it is recorded in 2008 that a cat named Nicolosa can surf on the water. How cool is that?

Big cats prefer stationary and dynamic forms of water. They find relish in waterfalls, ponds, and lakes. Some cats can even hunt for fish from bodies of water. Cats can learn to love water by introducing them to it as kittens and when they are not forced into showers or sinks.

Other breeds of cats that have the reputation as water-obsessed and are known to make a splash include the American Shorthair, Turkish Angora, Norwegian Forest, Manx, Japanese Bobtail, Main Coon, and American Bobtail. They enjoy water activities such as pawing water from bowls and even doing a few laps in the pool.

If your cat has an aversion to water or being wet, do not force them to love the water. Some cats prefer being control of their environment. Eventually, they will love the water if it is on their own terms!

My Angora Cat Loves To Bath Herself
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