Orfey The Kitten Falling Asleep While Playing

This video features Orfey, a frisky kitten who fell asleep while playing. All that playing is bound to exhaust anyone. The kittens in the video are extremely adorable!

Kittens are very active. They were born as predators so they have a lot of growing and learning to do for the first few months of their lives. A lot of their activities and antics are actually a form of self-training – to develop their hunting skills such as stalking and pouncing. If you own kittens, you have to make sure that they get all their needed exercise but you also need to make sure they are safe.

Schedule playtime sessions in the morning and evening. The sessions doesn’t have to be long and it is important to use toys that will help develop your cat’s stalking, chasing and pouncing skills. Playtime for cats should be scheduled the same way as human exercise; there should be a time for warm up and cool down. Tip: When your session is about to finish, slow your movements and let your cat chase after the toy more leisurely. This is a signal that it is time to relax. If you suddenly stop, your cat may attack you because you are the only object that is moving.

Orfey The Kitten Falling Asleep While Playing - Cutest Cats Momentsimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BvOSE61lcg

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