Toygers On The Prowl – Too Cute

These Toyger kittens are three-weeks old and are ready to explore their owner’s home. There is Tanya who is practicing her ferocious roar and is acting like she is the leader of the litter. There is also Sparky, Tanya’s little brother who is keeping a safe distance from Tanya. This video is about a group of adorable kittens braving their surroundings, with some more courageous than the others.

Kittens have this tendency to move in group during their early age. The video shows Tanya and her gang while having fun in the house. Besides playing, they share the same fascination with food. In the video, the kittens are given raw meat which provides protein for their growing muscle.

Cats are naturally carnivores, with their tummy designed to process meat. Though red meat is far better than bag food, the latter can be considered for instant convenience. You are not supposed to mix raw food and kibble in their diet unless your kittens are transitioning. You don’t want a tummy ache for your cuddly kitty right?

Water supply is important for cats. Some kittens are not ready for solids foods yet. You must provide water to your kittens that are separated from their food. Wetting a dry food is not advisable since it will look less palatable to the cat. Supplemental water is needed by cats to keep hydrated.

One kitten in the video refuses to eat her food. What should you do when your kitten suddenly turned up his nose at his food? Kittens should not be let hungry for more than two days. To rouse her appetite, provide something that is smellier or give them a hot meal. Kitten food that offers strong aroma includes those that are fish-flavored. The smellier food usually makes it more appealing to cats to get them eating.

If the situation is not resolved after 48 hours, better see a veterinarian to know your cat’s health condition.

Toygers On The Prowl - Too Cute
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Tabby Cat Hiroshi Hiding In Bed

Meet Hiroshi, a little muffin that is oozing with cuteness. This very curious cat is hiding behind the pillows and blanket then slowly approaches the person video-recording him. As he nears the screen, Hiroshi goes over the camera. You can see the cautiousness on his face as he moves toward the device. He is in ninja mode as he sneaks and creeps up on the camera. Those timid, puppy-like eyes will melt your heart into pieces!

Admit it cats are at their loveliest during their “kittyhood”. Kittens hold a very special place in the heart of their owners. The first encounter between cats and their owners are always during the animals’ early years.

There are people who prefer adopting kittens than adult cats. Kittens make perfect sense for those who want to see a little fluffball grow into the household and their heart. So what are the reasons why some people like having kittens than going for adult cats?

First, the notion of an ugly kitten does not exist. Kittens are the cuddliest pets around. Yes, they will grow into beautiful cats and it is thrilling to be part of your kittens’ transformation from mini-furballs into goofy cats.

Second, it is easier to train cats when they are younger. Kittens’ personality can be set as well as their behavior. You can play a huge role in the total packaging of your kittens. Raising your kittens will shape your future relationship with them.

Last, kittens are generally more accepting to be in a new home than adult cats due to the reason that for them everything is new. Cats are more sociable and friendly when they are in their kitten phase. “Infantilization” is important for cats for them to grow more amiable to humans, other cats, and fellow pets. It won’t work once they are adults.

Tabby Cat Hiroshi Hiding In Bed
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Soldier Goes To Great Lengths To Bring Home Cat

This video is about the heartwarming story of a feral cat named Kasha that restored faith in U.S. Staff Sergeant Jesse Nash, an American soldier in Afghanistan. This is an amazing tale of how the cat and the soldier remain together through war and peace, with the former paying a high cost to bring Kasha to the U.S. where she deserves a good life.

Jesse almost gave up after a suicide bomber attacked their barracks in Afghanistan. Thank God for Kasha who became his savior when he was emotionally unstable. In return, Jesse gave a better life for the cat by taking great lengths to bring Kasha to the Oregon.

Jesse and Kash’s story is a living proof that even during times of war, there can be moments of beauty and kindness. The friendship and bonding developed between the two are a touching reminder of humanity as well as the enduring power of animals to affect the lives of humans.

In the history of early wars, animals have played huge roles in transport, logistics, cavalry, and communications. Their psychological function for troops is also well documented and has continued in modern warfare.

Animal therapy has emerged as a promising development in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many American military veterans are suffering from PTSD following their deployment from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas of conflict where the U.S. is actively involved into.

Pets such as dogs and cats have measurable positive impacts on soldiers with PTSD. Animals serve as the diversion of soldiers troubled by recurring thoughts of a traumatizing experience. In the case of Jesse, he suffered mental distortion after a suicide bombing incident that resulted to the deaths of his comrades.

The affectionate nature of cats and dogs can help soldiers with PTSD reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and boost their immune system.

Fate has its way to change the directions of the lives of people and animals. Jesse and Kasha were probably meant to cross each other’s paths to remind them that life must continue no matter how tough and challenging life sometimes is.

Soldier Goes To Great Lengths To Bring Home Cat
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