Persian Kitten Searches For Perfect Sleeping Spot

The video features Persian kittens trying to settle in for a nap. Unfortunately, there is not enough room in the cat bed to accommodate all of them. Eventually, a female kitten named Gizmo gets kicked out of the nest! She went her own way to find a place where she can get some rest and finally decided that the inside of a boot was the perfect sleeping spot. She settled in there and immediately got comfy.

If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate cat with a lavish coat, Persian kittens are all that and more. Caring for Persians is not all that different from caring for kittens of other breeds, however here are some helpful tips:

1. Persian cats have flat faces and shorter noses so they should be eating from a flat dish with low sides. This way they won’t be bothered by their whiskers while eating.

2. Persians have long coats which means litter tends to stick to their feet and fur. This is messy and possibly unsanitary because the cat might digest the litter while she is cleaning herself – in addition to spreading it around the apartment. Using wood pellets as litter is advised because these won’t clump or stick.

3. Brushing their coat regularly is a must to avoid mats and tangles. Having different kinds of brushes is essential in keeping their coat beautiful.

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  • By Digna M Santiago, July 27, 2017 @ 4:42 am

    I have 2 cats,male named cashew he is 1yr old and female Peanut who is 2yrs old.I really enjoy your posts of big and small cats.It makes my day.Thank You

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