Pile Of Cornish Rex Kittens

This is a short video of five Cornish Rex kittens that are looking in circles as they follow an unseen and moving object. They are all seated on a couch with their mother positioned in the center. According to their owner, three of the kittens have been adopted while one has been kept. Her name is Krämet which is a Swedish word for “Cream.”

Cornish Rexes are known for their curly coat, large ears, and arched bodies. Their fragile appearance is not associated with physical weakness. They are actually a very sturdy breed that is alert and intelligent. Their kitten-like antics last a lifetime. Thus, they are perfect as home pets as they are affectionate towards their owners.

Their noticeably curly coat stands out as their most striking feature. The softness of their coat is often compared to that of lamb, rabbit or silk. Their coat provides a warm suede feel, making Cornish Rexes as ideal lap warmer during winter.

Cats are given up by their owners for several reasons. One of them is most cats and kittens are simply in need of a new home or a place where they can live safely and happily with their owners. No matter the breed of mix of the cat, they can easily adapt to their new home and be completely loyal to their new human caretakers. They see their new owners as their hero with whom they can bond easily and deeply.

Owners who have developed a deep connection with their cats often feel guilt and are reluctant to give up their pets. For these owners, their cats are like family. Krämet’s siblings have all moved to loving homes, according to their owner. If you cannot keep your cats any longer, there are organizations that can help you find the best possible home where they can be relinquished. They can help you give the animals a much smoother transition to their new life without you.

Pile of Cornish Rex kittensimage – https://www.youtube.com/embed/sMUL7HHkwhA

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