Pixie Bob Cat Walking On Leash

This video features Kato, a Pixie-Bob walking on leash. He seems to be really enjoying his time outdoors! Pixie-bobs are said to be very intelligent, social and active – they enjoy playing with other animals. Here are more facts about the breed:

1. Extra toes – Polydactylism or having extra toes is very common with this breed. It is a congenital anomaly which has no negative effects on the cat’s health.

2. Cute tails – Pixie-bobs have unusually short tails and have a puff of fur at the tip which is frequently kinked or knotted. Very adorable to look at!

3. They’re not clumsy – Cats use their tails to help balance themselves. That’s why many people think that if a cat has a small or no tail, it is clumsy but this is not the case with Pixie-bobs. The shortness of their tail has no apparent effect on their ability to move properly.

4. Like a dog – Pixie-bobs are like dogs in many ways. They love walking on leash (as you can see in the video) and they enjoy a good game of fetch once in a while. They are very affectionate and loving to their owners as well!

Pixie Bob Cat Walking On Leashimage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9FK5u8_Ffc

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