Playing Egyptian Mau Kittens

There are times when you may be wondering whether kittens are playing or fighting with each other. This video focuses on four Egyptian Mau kittens whose names include Banafrit Bastet, Bomani Bnon, Bahiti Bait, and Biti Bebankh. Their cute-sounding names are probably of Egyptian origin. In the video, these adorable kittens are seen biting, pouncing, ambushing, clutching and chasing each other. They look cute when they are cuddled up together, but they can appear fierce during playtime by exhibiting roughhousing and fighting behaviors.

Worries aside, rough play is part of any kitten’s healthy social development. Their play sessions are the start of a socializing process that will enable them to learn how to properly interact with their siblings, as well as with other cats and human beings. Rough play is also a venue for kittens to learn proper boundaries. It is very crucial for nurturing their growth as well-rounded cats.

To determine whether kittens are playing or fighting, you have to observe their body language. The following are signs that indicate play :

¥ Minimal biting
¥ Retracted claws
¥ No puffed up fur
¥ Ears pointed upward

Kittens are not in their ninja mode when their play vocalization does not include growling, screeching or hissing.

As a pet owner, you have to be a parent or a referee when dealing with grumpy cats or new kittens. Your role is to create an environment that promotes positive interactions. There will be incidences when appropriate play can quickly turn to aggression which requires intervention. Be vigilant about those situations!

Accidents can happen if kittens are left unattended while rough playing. Make sure all claws are trimmed to minimize injury. It is also important to give your kittens toys that will distract them and can be used as the targets for their play-biting sessions.

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