Ragamuffin Kittens Playing

If you are a fanatic and die-hard dog lover, better skip watching this video or else you might end up switching your allegiance to cats! You will see some adorable Ragamuffin kittens playing while they are inside their cage. If you need a de-stressor, please proceed to see these cats. They are the cutest and most cuddly kittens you’ll see in your lifetime!

Lovely kittens deserve clean surroundings. In the video, the kittens are placed in a cage and you’ll see that they are well looked after and healthy. The mixed fur on their face is just so beautiful to be unnoticed. What a group of little cuties!

Ragamuffin has a puppy-like personality ( I have already warned you earlier dog lovers!). They are known for being mellow, friendly and warm. These even-tempered cats are ideal as family pets and are amiable toward other pets including cats.

In the video, the cats are housed in a steel cage. Is it necessary to keep your kittens in a cage? Yes, it is! But caging should be used by owners as a way to keep happier healthier cats. Please do not use it as a form of incarceration or as a method to discipline them.

Kittens are usually caged with their mother for the first three to six weeks. One of the reasons for this is to help them develop good litter box habits. Caging is also necessary for adult cats to reinforce the behavior.

Owners are advised not to cage when they are away from home. You should provide your cats with space where they can play, eat, and snooze off. Cages can be used if you are in a car traveling to the vet or for vacation.

Again, caging a cat is necessary for some circumstances. But caging them as an incarceration tool is mean and totally unacceptable!

Ragamuffin Kittens Playingimage – https://www.youtube.com/embed/4ZM4F5Jaq2s

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