Ragdoll Kittens Too Cute

If someone tells you that dogs have a natural aversion to cats, then let him watch this video. This clip features a litter of Ragdoll kittens dozing off after an exhausting session of playing and practicing their hunting skills. While taking their siesta, a German shepherd dog named Mari disturbed the kittens’ journey to dreamland. What follows is just too cute to handle!

Cats or non-cats persons will find this video adorable. You will be delighted by the sight of a gigantic dog desperate to meet his new housemates. If cuteness was deadly, your death would be brutally murdered by the video’s cuteness factor

Dogs can claim the cats in the home as part of their pack despite their reputation as territorial and protective animals. They can be a big brother to their kitten companions and can be protective over their cats. Mari displayed his fondness of the kittens and claimed them as part of his home and family when he started licking and looking over the kittens.The best part of the video was when one of the kittens, Snow, braved to approach Mari. They eventually became the best of friends, cuddling each other. It was like love at first sight between the two!

Though the kittens are at that “starting to get trouble age,” the curiosity and affection accorded by Mari broke the barrier between the animals. Some of the kittens remain aloof and are wary of their new companion. But they would probably meld with Mari as the days go on.

Be warned that some dog breeds can be more of a Hitler than a Dalai Lama during their initial encounter with cats. To break the ice, give them time to adjust each other slowly. Your time is also important during the early stages of introduction. You can use toys that both can enjoy and use for bonding.

You can also seek the advice of veterinarians to help you troubleshoot the problems that might arise from introducing cats to a dog.

Ragdoll Kittens  Too Cuteimage – https://www.youtube.com/embed/cQsEjPYbap8

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