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*Note – image of cat with strawberries is for illustration purposes only. None of the recipes contain strawberries.

We recently discovered an article that provides several easy raw food recipes for your cats. These recipes make use of raw ingredients that are believed to be useful to cat’s health. The link follows after our introduction to the topic.

Due to the growing controversies involving the consumption of canned and commercial dry feeds, many cat owners today have turned to raw food recipe diets that are known to bring high quality and raw bio-nutrients. Raw foods are claimed to be useful in providing adequate amount of bio-nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are scientifically proven to be effective at optimizing the overall health condition of felines.

Nowadays, some pet owners have relied on dried foods for their cats. While it may seem beneficial to owners since it allows them to save time and effort in preparing, research shows that regular consumption of these food items may actually be detrimental to the health of felines. Research further revealed that dry foods are not suitable for cats because its protein content is more plant-based, plus the fact that it has low water content, and contain high amounts of carbohydrate.

The low-water content of dry feeds are now being thought to create adverse effects to the urinary tract of cats which can lead to excruciatingly painful obstructions in the urethra. In connection to that, adequate water flowing in the body can result to a healthier urinary tract. [1] Same as with humans, hydration is a good thing… 🙂

Cats are designed to obtain their protein requirement from meat and organs, not plants. Unfortunately, dry foods contain plant-based protein. Lastly, the high amount of carbohydrates found in dry feeds can trigger the onset of serious diseases associated with excessive sugar level in the body. [2]

Also, constant consumption of dry foods are associated with several serious health disorders which may include hepatic lipidosis, dental issues, asthma, urinary tract infection, hairballs, diabetes, kidney diseases, obesity, and inflammatory bowel illnesses. [3]

However, due to the convenience which commercially prepared feline feeds bring, some pet owners still opt for these food products. It saves them time and effort in preparing these foods in addition to the fact that organic foods cost a lot.

Note on the image – non-meat foods should only be given to cats in small amounts. Certain foods should never be given to cats (see our page listing 20 Human Foods You Should NEVER Feed Your Cat), however strawberries are regarded as ok (in moderation) and a number of cats are reported to enjoy them. [4]

Ok here is the link to the recipes: http://www.catnutrition.org/recipes.html

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