Rocket & Rumble – Sleeping Bengal Cats

This video features Rocket and Rumble, two Bengal cats who look so gorgeous while sleeping. Just look at those coats! They look like miniature leopards. The markings on Bengal cats is what the breed is most famous for. They also seem to glitter when the light hits them at the right angle – but they are anything but delicate – these cats are active with a strong muscular body… altogether like a cat who belongs in the jungle.

Bengal cats are named after the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name – Felis bengalensis. They were bred by crossing Asian leopard cats and domestic shorthairs. Bengals were developed by various breeders but most notably by Jean Sugden Mill who wanted to harness the beauty of a wild cat yet maintaining the temperament of a domestic cat. She definitely achieved this goal!

The Bengals are so sought after, one woman even paid over $50,000 for her cat in 1990! Today, they cost from $650 to $2000. The pricey breed is dubbed as the “Rolls Royce” of feline companions. Bengal cats are extremely efficient self-groomers and require little maintenance; they shed very little as well. However, vets recommend grooming them once a week to limit shedding and keep their marvelous coats in top shape.

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