Scared Siamese Kitten…SUPER CUTE

Izzy is a gorgeous Lynx Point Siamese cat who is fond of playing. When she meets a fake kitten, Izzy wondered what she looked like as a toy animal. Scared witless, Izzy runs towards her owner for support. After receiving a fatherly rub, Izzy gets her confidence back.

In the video, Izzy is unsure whether she should be afraid of the toy kitten or try to play with it. Kittens are naturally curious and love to explore new things. The fake kitten is something new for Izzy so she goes to her owner’s lap to get an assurance that the toy will not hurt her.

The fake kitten appears to have moved by itself, scaring the hell out of poor Izzy! But her owner is there, telling Izzy to chill down. The way the owner talks to Izzy shows how lucky the kitten is to be in a home that cares for animals.

Lynx Point Siamese cats are extremely playful. They are also intelligent and loyal to their owners. They are often compared to dogs due to their fun-loving personality and inquisitiveness.

Izzy is obviously attached to her owner. The bonding between Izzy and her “Dad” is reflective of the kitten’s loving household. Their love for human interaction makes them very trainable.

Izzy makes a tiny squeak in the video as if the is saying “I’m not afraid of you!” to the stuffed animal. Whenever she poses sideways, she is probably telling the toy cat that she is bigger. Too cute eh?

There is a misconception that men hate cats. That is totally untrue! Owning a cat is not a girly thing. Having a pet cat is about caring for animals that need a home where they can develop lasting relationships with humans and safe place to enjoy their animal life.

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