Scottish Fold Cat – Mango Enjoying Kitty Life

This video features a few snippets of a typical day for Mango, a Scottish Fold cat. His daily activities generally involve playing, stretching and sleeping (while Japanese music is playing in the background of course!)

The first thing people will notice about Scottish Fold cats is their folded ears – a trait which was caused by a natural genetic mutation in old times. They were first imported in the United States in 1971 and was quickly to be recognized as an official breed by most cat associations in America. Ironically, they are not considered as a breed in their country of origin due to numerous concerns that their folded ears might lead to ear infections or deafness. However, the peculiarity in their ears does not apparently affect their hearing in any way.

All kittens of this breed are born with straight, unfolded ears which will only begin to fold at around 21 days. Some kittens do not develop folded ears and they are referred to as ‘straights’.

Scottish Fold cats are good-natured, placid and smart. They enjoy teaser and puzzle toys which will test their agility as well as their intelligence. They are able to adjust to other pets in the household really well and tend to get very attached to their humans.

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