Scottish Fold Kitten Gets All Sleepy In Crazy Position

This video features a Scottish Fold cat who is about to doze off. But her position as she’s relaxing is so strange and cute!

It is actually common for this breed to suddenly lie on their back and go to sleep – a very different behavior from other cats. Scottish Folds are popular not only for their folded ears but also their habit of posing in odd positions. It’s all part of their undeniable charm.

Scottish Folds are not talkative cats except when the females are in heat. They seem to be saving their voices for certain occasions and they do meow, but it comes out as a very soft sound. They are known to be very affectionate and love to sit on their owner’s lap. They are very gentle and moderately playful. Their favorite activities are anything which involves human interaction. Loneliness is something Scottish Folds severely dislike and being alone for long periods of time can result in them being depressed. If you are someone who is always out of the house, it is advised to get another pet to serve as their companion. But two Scottish Folds will keep each other from getting lonely and will give you twice the love!

Scottish Fold Kitten Gets All Sleepy In Crazy Positionimage –

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