Seven Most Common Illnesses In Senior Cats

Seven Most Common Illnesses In Senior CatsPhoto © cosma –

Humans have longer lifespans as compared to most other animals. If your cat reaches the age of 7 or 8, it means that he/she is old/getting old! We all know the health implications that come with aging. Every cell and organ in our body starts to weaken, so that’s why extra care is needed. When it comes to senior cats, they should also be treated well. They might not jump as high as they used to and they won’t run as fast!

There are a lot of illnesses that come with old age, and after reading this article by Pet MD (link at the end of our commentary), I just realized how very similar these diseases are to those of humans!

As the owner of your aging cat, it is your responsibility to give your pet the utmost care that he/she needs. As I mentioned earlier, your pet might not be able to jump as high or walk as high so you have to adjust its living conditions. You might want to place his/her litter box or sleeping bed in an easily accessible area. Use a pet staircase if your cat usually sleeps on your bed. Your litter box should also be in an area where you can easily clean up. You can’t just place it on a carpet because older cats might have a tendency to miss their target when they’re doing their business.

Another thing is that their food should also be specific for their age. You might need to ask your vet for any suggestions. Their bodies need all the proper nutrition that they can get so that they won’t get sick often. Also, and old cat might need to visit your vet more frequently. They need to be assessed because they are very vulnerable for illnesses. Try to have check ups twice a year.

Your pet needs all the love and attention in the world so that they will be able to reach a ripe old age. Ok, here is the link to the original article we found, check out the list of common illnesses in senior cats:

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