Siberian Cat Calvin Is Up For A Game Of Pool With Dad – Too Cute

This endearing video features a family of Siberian cats. The story begins when Mom Cora asks Dad Boris to look after the kids for the afternoon. Boris seems to be confident that he can handle the kids without lifting a single paw – and everything was going smoothly until his only boy Calvin decided he wanted to play. Calvin is a frisky little kitten and his dad has no choice but to get up to follow him around. Boris had to keep an eye on Calvin or Cora will have a fit! In the end, Boris was able to handle being a parent for the afternoon and even earned a loving nudge from his beautiful mate. Very sweet!

Siberian cats are known to be loving, affectionate and attentive. They come from Russia and only made their way to North America in the past 20 years. Siberians have a magnificent coat which gives them a glamorous appeal but they need to be combed twice a week to prevent tangles. The Siberian coat comes in a lot of colors and patterns but the most popular is the brown tabby.

One quick fact about this breed is they mature slowly. They only reach their full physical development at five years!

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