Siberian Cat Takes A Bath

This video features a Siberian cat taking a bath. I can’t tell if he’s really loving the water or he hates it! He looks really cute though… as he sits in that tub, looking a bit annoyed when his owner starts to whistle.

Siberian cats were natives of Russia as one might expect from the name. They have been known there for over a thousand years and often appear in Russian folk tales. Just like cats in other cultures, Siberians were prized for their hunting skills as they were sure to keep mice away from stores of grain as well as other foods. However, it wasn’t until 1990 that the Siberians were bought to the United States. The breed is gaining popularity because of its reputation of being hypoallergenic. This claim however still needs to be proven by science.

The Siberian has a thick triple coat which gives this breed the needed insulation for the harsh climate of Siberia. The coat needs to be combed or brushed two times a week to prevent tangles. They are known to shed their coat depending on the season. In preparation for summer weather, Siberians will shed their long and heavy winter coats in the spring. They also shed their short and light coat in autumn to make way for their winter coats to grow.

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