Six Siberian Kittens At Play

Watch a mob of Siberian kittens in this video and try not to smile. They are all so cute and fluffy! Siberian kittens have the reputation of being very active and somewhat dare-devilish. They are always eager to adapt to their surroundings – making them easy to train.

Siberians are medium to large cats that can take up to five years to mature. If you decide on getting a Siberian cat, you should expect them to have a lengthy kittenhood.

These cats are noted for being agile and for their ability to jump long distances. They love games and are always ready to play with their humans or other pets. Siberians don’t usually mind being in the water and can often be found dipping nonchalantly in ponds. They are very intelligent so it is important to challenge them by teaching tricks and providing them puzzle toys – these will keep them busy for hours! They generally enjoy toys and activities which involve some form of problem solving.

These cats have a calm temperament but they are not excessively demanding making them perfect pets for households with children. They are happy to live with other cats and dogs too (as long as the dogs are cat friendly).

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