Sphynx Cat Gets Into The Bathtub By Herself

Many people have this misconception that cats hate water. Cats have earned reputations for having aversion to being wet. But in this video, we see a Sphynx cat being taught by her owner to get into the bathtub by herself. The cat shows that she likes to swim in the tub. After several tries, she learned to get into the mini pool of water all by herself.

There are other breeds of cats that are fond of swimming and taking a dip into swimming pools or lakes or getting in the shower with their owners. These breeds demystify the idea that cats are afraid of getting wet. Some of them include Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Manx, Japanese Bobtail, Bengal and American Bobtail.

Cats can swim! Their cousins in the feline world such as tigers and jaguars are known as swimmers. Most domestic cats have water-repellent coats, so wading in the water is not a risk for them. They love dunking their toys in water which fascinates them.

Some of the water activities enjoyed by cats are pawing water from bowls, drinking from a dripping faucet, bathing with their owners in the shower and doing a few laps in the pool. Other cats love wading under the rain.

If you have cats that hate water, is it possible to teach them how to enjoy the idea of tolerating a bath? Here are several tips to consider :

• The art of bathing should start when your cat is a kitten. This will accustom them to bathing.
• Quick and efficient bath is important. Preparing the bath area is necessary.
• Cat shampoo is a must! Your cat’s skin can be sensitive to human shampoo.
• Bathing should be done with another person to help restrain your cat during the bath.
• Water toys or toy cats are helpful when bathing your cats.

Sphynx Cat Gets Into The Bathtub By Herselfimage – https://www.youtube.com/embed/19Ha0D-iuVk

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